Tips For Growing Your Chia Herb Garden

If you want to have some herbs readily available for you, you might want to think about growing a Chia herb garden. A Chia herb garden will allow you to have fresh herbs in your home year round. You can have your very own culinary herb garden with your Chia herb garden. Here are some tips to keeping your herb garden flourishing year round.

Sprouting Chia Herb Garden Seeds

When you first start seeing the seeds sprout in your Chia herb garden, it is important that you keep the sponges moist. They need to be very moist and you should be able to see about a quarter inch of water in the saucer liners. If you do not keep enough moisture and water in the sponges, there will not be enough water for the seeds to really sprout well, and you will not have the herbs that you desire. If you need more information on exact watering guidelines, you can always call the Chia herb garden help line to learn more.

In addition, when the seeds are first sprouting, it really does not matter whether or not they have darkness or light. Instead, the most important thing to remember is that the soil temperature needs to be kept at the proper temperature. The soil temperature needs to be right around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If your house is too cold, try placing the Chia herb garden on top of your water heater. If your house is too warm, place the garden on top of your refrigerator to keep the temperature right.

In conjunction with the temperature, herbs will grow best with increased humidity around them. One way to create this environment for your Chia herb garden is to place an open plastic bag around the garden. You can use a small sandwich bag if it fits, or a larger gallon sized bag if necessary. You will begin to see some condensation inside of the bag because the humidity will increase. This is the best environment for a seeds to sprout: warm and humid!

After The Chia Herb Garden Seeds Sprout

After the seeds sprout, things are different. You will need to first move the Chia herb garden to a windowsill that receives plenty of sunlight. A southern or western window will give enough sunlight as long as the window is not blocked by anything. However, you must be careful to keep your Chia herb garden about four or five inches away from the window. In the winter, the window can cause the herbs to freeze, and in the summer they can get too hot. In addition, make sure that you only water the herbs like you would water any other house plant. Once the seeds have sprouted, they do not need to have any extra amount of water.