What Our Ancestors Know About The Medicinal Uses Of Herbs

Common medicinal herbs have been used by people for many generations. Long before we have state of the art hospitals and advance medical technologies, our ancestors also used herbs to curb certain types of disease. Over the years they found several medicinal uses of herbs starting from curing simple coughs and colds to relieving symptoms of more serious ailments like diabetes and hypertension. The preparations of the herbs vary depending on the medicinal uses of these herbs. To us some ideas on the different medical uses of herbs and how these herbs are prepared for specific use, read on.

Medicinal Uses Of Herbs:Using Herbs For Compress

Even in our modern times, people still use medicinal herbs for compress. Most people who are practicing alternative medicine uses herbs compress to treat sore muscles and certain types of diseases. Preparing herbs for compress is very easy. Simply put some herb leaves into a pot, add water and then boil it for a few minutes. Dip a clean towel or clothe into the hot water and then put the towel or clothe on the affected area. Repeat the process several times as needed.

Medicinal Uses Of Herbs: Herb Extracts

Extracting the juice of the herbs and giving the juice to the patient is one of the most common ways preparing herbs for medicinal use. Even at present, people from different parts of the world, still extract the juice of herbs for medicinal use by boiling of the liquids from the fresh herbs. The mass that results from the boiling process is then collected and mixed with food grade alcohol like vodka and gin. The food grade alcohol can help stabilize the extract and preserve it for future use. However, if you are preparing herb extracts for medicinal use of children, you should not add food grade alcohol as stabilizer and preservative. Alcohol gives the herb extract a strong taste which children do not like. Instead of adding alcohol to the herb extracts, just give the extracts directly to the child. Never mind if you cannot use the remaining extracts for future use. You can just make more herb extracts for medicinal use later on when you need more.

There are many types of herbs which you can use to cure certain types of diseases. For instance, extracts from oregano leaves and ginger are usually used to cure coughs, colds and stomach pains. Extracts from ginseng leaves can be used to relieve stomach cramps, muscle pains, fever and other ailments. To know more about medicinal uses of herb extracts, read books about herbal medicine and alternative treatments.