Tips For Drying Fresh Herbs

Drying fresh herbs is not as difficult as many people make it out to be. There are no exotic ingredients to buy and no intricate instructions to tie up a person’s entire day. In fact, there are not a lot of differences between drying fresh herbs and preparing any other type of herbs that your family would typically enjoy. Here are some common tips that can help anyone dry fresh herbs for themselves and their families that will keep for a long period of time.

Choose Your Herbs Wisely

In many cases, the easiest way for drying fresh herbs is to take the fresh herbs that you currently enjoy and place them into a machine that is specially made for drying fresh herbs. These machines that are using for drying the herbs can also be used for drying other types of foods and are typically sold in the small appliance section of retail stores. The instructions included with the machine will generally tell you which foods and herbs can be easily dried in the machine and what techniques should be used to complete the process.

There are certain herbs that work better for drying or freezing fresh herbs than others. Herbs that contain a lot of moisture will be more difficult to dry l so it is very important for you to choose the herbs that do not contain a great deal of moisture when choosing which fresh herbs to dry. Herbs such as oregano and sage are considered to be good for drying fresh herbs because they generally have very little moisture present in its natural state.

Use The Right Drying Techniques

Many attempts at drying fresh herbs fail because, although the person is choosing low moisture herbs, they are not drying the herbs in a way that allows it to retain its natural properties. Drying fresh herbs is not difficult to accomplish, it just requires changing some common drying techniques that many people that dry foods on a regular basis do not even think about. By changing the way that you choose to dry your herbs, you can be successful at drying fresh herbs every time it is attempted.

One of the biggest things to remember about drying fresh herbs is that the actual process that is used to dry the herbs must be carefully completed to make sure that the herbs are properly dried. It is best to avoid using methods that guarantee drying fresh herbs very quickly because these methods can actually neglect to remove some of the moisture from the herbs while it is drying. Many of the people that are routinely drying fresh herbs find that using a machine that is used for drying foods dry the herbs perfectly while still allowing the herbs to remain healthy and nutritious.