Tips And Suggestions For An Indoor Herb Garden

Growing an indoor herb garden can be a satisfying and interesting past time or hobby. There are many advantages to growing an indoor herb garden. These advantages include decorative indoor plants which can be moved from place to place and the benefit of having fresh herbs to use for cooking. Many recipes are better tasting and better smelling when one uses fresh herbs to make them. People who love to cook and like to have fresh herbs or vegetables on hand will really appreciate a vegetable or herb garden indoors.

There are many reasons for people to have an indoor herb garden not only the ones stated above. There are some people who really enjoy gardening who might live in apartments which restrict their gardening prowess. An indoor herb garden can really satisfy the desire to plant and take care of plants. One other reason for having an indoor herb garden is to have control over some aspect of what the person eats. Many commercially produced fruits, vegetables and herbs are not organic and can pose a threat to one’s health. Growing an indoor herb garden can guarantee that the herbs one uses are free from chemical based pesticides and other chemical exposure. A chia herb garden can be a great start for seedlings before transplanting them to bigger individual pots.

Growing Basil: Good For An Indoor Herb Garden

These herbs prefer warmer climates which is why it is a good idea to keep it away from windows during the winter season. It may be best to use artificial lights for an indoor herb garden to supply the necessary light for it to grow and thrive, instead of exposing the plant to the cold of winter at the window sill.

Growing Oregano: Easy Herbs To Grow In An Indoor Herb Garden

Oregano is one of the least easy herbs to grow in an indoor herb garden. Some tips for growing oregano is to pinch flowers before they blossom to encourage better flavor of the leaves and to harvest the leaves in the morning for optimum flavor. Adding fertilizer to your oregano indoor herb garden can diminish the flavor of the herbs. An indoor herb garden with oregano should also have growth lights for it to thrive. About twelve hours of exposure to the lights should help the herb grow well.

Growing Mint: Great For An Indoor Herb Garden

This herb is great for an indoor herb garden. It is hardy and useful for both cooking and medicinal purposes. It is important to frequently trim this herbal plant to keep fresh new leaves coming.