Reinvent Your Meals By Cooking With Fresh Herbs

Let’s be honest: sometimes, you just get sick of food. Nothing can take the joy out of cooking and eating food like preparing the same meals every week. So what can you do about it? Well why not start out with something simple: try using fresh herbs when you cook your meals. Not only are they healthier to eat than processed foods, they boost the flavor of your meals considerably! But for many people, figuring out how to use these new herbs can be a bit confusing – but don’t worry too much, because it’s not as hard as it looks.

Cooking With Fresh Herbs: Type Is Important

When you’re cooking with fresh herbs, keep in mind that some herbs go better with certain types of food. Basil, for instance, is almost peppery and goes great with tomatoes or other vegetables, grilled pizzas and salads. Be sure to use the whole leaves when cooking with basil, and remember that the leaves at the top are the sweetest!

When cooking with a fresh herb like chives, snip them with scissors before use. Chives go great with fish or soup dishes, as well as baked potatoes. Fresh cilantro tastes wonderful in Mexican and Asian dishes, and is one of the most versatile fresh herbs you can cook with. Basil, one of the most common fresh herbs used, complements any kind of tomato dish and is a key ingredient in pesto. It can also be used with vegetables like peas and zucchini.

Mint herbs come in many types – spearmint and peppermint are the most common, but there you can also find chocolate and pineapple mint. Add spearmint to savory dishes like fish, pasta or even lamb.

When looking for fresh herbs to cook with lamb dishes, oregano or rosemary are great choices. Oregano is also common on pizza and used in many egg dishes, while rosemary goes well with fish. Sage can be used with rich meats like pork, goose and duck.

Cooking With Fresh Herbs: Cook Carefully

Once you have selected the fresh herbs you want to cook with, there are a couple of other things to remember as well. Herbal flavors are released by heat. You may also find that fresh herbs that you grow yourself have much more flavor than store-bought herbs. If you’re using your fresh herbs to cook a cold dish, keep the herbs at room temperature. If a dish is going to take a long time to cook, it’s a good idea to use a tied bunch of herb sprigs. These are often referred to as “bouquets.” You can even add the herbs right after a dish is completed, or just use them as a garnish if you’re looking to impress!

Cooking With Fresh Herbs: Spice Up Your Kitchen

Remember, these are just guidelines – don’t be afraid to try things out yourself as well. Nobody knows your taste buds like you do – be a bit daring and experiment a little, and you’ll find yourself loving dinner again.