Modern Herb Garden Design Is A Departure From Traditional Designs

In the very beginning, when space was never a major concern, people tended to own large gardens in which they grew flowers, vegetables and medicines as well as fruits. Such gardens were known as herb gardens and they typically were meant to grow sage and parsley; marjoram, mint, rosemary and thyme; and, plenty more in the same vein.

Herb Garden Design: Practical Appeal

The medieval herb garden design as too designs from European Renaissance times have always been important and play a big part in affecting modern herb garden designs. They were known for their practical appeal as well as made very ornamental herb gardens as well and best of all they were easy to maintain and very inexpensive.

When selecting herbs, you have a few choices including selecting from culinary, medicinal as well as ornamental herbs. The first named are very popular and so normally included in every modern herb garden design; the second are rather more difficult to extract while the last named are useless other than being nice to look at.

Modern herb garden designs are a departure from the traditional herb garden designs because modern requirements are very different than the ones that were suited for traditional designs. Today, herb container gardening is very popular as they lend them well for simple management and can be changed whenever desired. Container gardening is easy as well as a lot of fun and you can also adjust soil mixtures without too much effort which makes this a very popular herb garden design.

Raised bed gardens are somewhat like container herb gardens and in fact make an excellent herb garden design even though when growing mint you will need to put in some extra effort to achieve desired results. Another excellent herb garden design, the parterre is ideally suited for more elegant and formal gardens and this design often sees gardeners opt to grow dwarf English boxwoods that add the height dimension and are visually appealing as well.

Roses, of course have been used in almost every herb garden design and from the very earliest days of gardening. Of course, they grow best where it is very sunny as well as dry and foliage from herbs too helps the rose to blossom better with Rosa rugosa in particular making for an excellent herb garden design choice.

The kitchen herb garden is an excellent option for almost every different kind of gardener. It will also prove to be rewarding to you and of course it is one of the main types of traditional gardens in which people grew their vegetables, fruits as well as herbs to prepare foods as well as to have a ready supply of medicines.