How To Grow Your Own Organic Chinese Herbs At Home

In many parts of the country, good quality organic Chinese herbs are hard to come by. When you do find fresh organic Chinese herbs, you will recoil upon seeing the price tag. Yes, good quality organic Chinese herbs are not only hard to find, they also cost a lot of money. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that you get steady supply of traditional Chinese herbs for affordable prices. One of the best ways to get these herbs for less is to produce them yourself.

Most types of Chinese herbs do not grow high so you can easily grow then in pots. This means that even if you happen to live in the tenth floor of an apartment building, you still can have your own indoor organic Chinese herbs garden. To help you start your own indoor herb garden, follow these easy steps.

Organic Chinese Herbs: Getting Started

You will need to find a place in your apartment for your indoor garden. If you have a small balcony, then you are in luck. You can turn that balcony into an organic Chinese herbs garden. Just make sure that you put your pots securely on the floor of the balcony and not on the ledge. Forget about placing your pots on racks by the ledge. Even the most reliable racks are not immune to accidents so do not take chances when it comes to these things. You don’t really want your pots toppling over the ledge and hitting some unlucky pedestrians on the street below. Remember that you could be charge with criminal negligence if this happens so make sure that you take extra care when it comes to arranging your pots on your terrace.

If you do not have terrace, look for a place inside your apartment where you can put your pots. An empty closet will do well for this purpose. Just make sure that the closet is near the window so that your plants will get some sunlight during the day. Another good place for your indoor herb garden is your kitchen. You can place a few pots on your kitchen counter.

Organic Chinese Herbs: Caring For Your Herbs

Most types of organic Chinese herbs do not need a lot of care and attention. As long as you put your organic Chinese herbs near the window and water the herbs whenever necessary, your herbs will grow healthy. After a few weeks, you will be able to harvest your herbs and add them to your food.