Growing Medicinal Herbs In the Garden

Medicinal herbs are great to have on hand in an outdoor or indoor garden. Growing medicinal herbs is enjoyable because one is secure in the fact that there is a steady supply of these herbs for one’s use and consumption. Medicinal herb seed can be bought in gardening supply stores or taken from dried flowers of some growing medicinal herbs. While not all herbs and plants have the same needs, all require some exposure to sunlight and water.

Growing Medicinal Herbs: Chamomile

Growing medicinal herbs such as chamomile can be quite enjoyable but may need some space since this hardy and vigorous plant can seed itself when left to its own devices. This means that one can have a steady supply of chamomile flowers. Chamomile makes growing medicinal herbs seem easy enough. This plant enjoys full exposure to sunlight and can grow on virtually any type of soil. The chamomile plant makes growing medicinal herbts beneficial and enjoyable due to the ease of care and also because it is quite easy to make use of it. It is the flowers of the plant that are used for the benefit of relieving stomach ailments and for the purpose of aromatherapy.

Growing Medicinal Herbs: Arnica

Arnica shows that growing medicinal herbs can be beneficial for people. This herb has the capacity to soothe tired and sore muscles, relieve sprains and cramps, used for soaking muscles and compresses for tired muscles. Growing medicinal herbs such as arnica can also be beneficial due to the beauty of the flower of this plant. Arnica enjoys cool weather and is quite a sturdy plant. Soil for growing medicinal herbs like the arnica is usually a mixture of peat moss, loam and sand. It thrives best in high altitudes and exposure to the full spectrum of the sum as well as some moisture in the air.

Growing Medicinal Herbs: St. John’s Wort

Growing medicinal herbs like St. John’s Wort can be quite interesting. This herb is a perennial that enjoys full exposure o the sun and sandy soil. It is a good choice of herb for dry regions since it can survive in droughts pretty well. This medicinal herb is used to treat depression and anxiety in people. A word of caution regarding St John’s Wort is that it has not been approved or endorsed by medical doctors as a treatment for depression and such disorders.

Growing medicinal herbs listed above can be quite easy and interesting. It may be agood idea to consult an alterative medicine expert with regards to how to use the herbs mentioned above to their full capacity.