Chinese Medicinal Herbs: Healing Without Harm

A lot of people do not really know it but many of our modern day drugs actually come from Chinese medicinal herbs. Drugs that are used to treat hay fever and asthma and those that are used to stimulate the immune system are mostly derived from Chinese medicinal herbs. Herbs like ginseng, dong quai, cinnamon, ginger, licorice and the others are some of the most popular Chinese medicinal herbs that are still being used as ingredients of many modern day drugs. To give us some idea of what some Chinese medicinal herbs can do to keep us healthy, here are some of the most popular Chinese medical herbs and their uses.

Chinese Medicinal Herbs: The Ginseng Plant

Many of us have heard a lot of things about the ginseng plant. This quite understandable considering that the ginseng plant has been one of the leading Chinese healing herbs for many generations. The ginseng has been used by the Chinese people as medicinal herb for over two thousand years. According to experts, this Chinese medicinal herb helps boost energy and reduce stress. Many Chinese drink ginseng tea to promote overall good health. A lot of spas and wellness clinics around the United States offer ginseng tea to their clients as part of their treatment. On the other hand, many people all over the world use this Chinese medicinal herb to cure coughs, fevers and constipation. A good number of pharmaceutical companies also use the ginseng ingredient for certain types of drugs.

Chinese Medicinal Herbs: The Dong Quai

The Dong Quai is often referred to as the female ginseng in Chinese literature. This type of aromatic Chinese medicinal herb are said to be good for regulating the menstrual cycle of women and help curve discomforts during the menopausal stage. Studies show that the dong quai helps stimulate the central nervous system and relieve headaches during menstruation. It can also help the muscle tissue to relax thus preventing cramps. Many women from all over the world rely on the dong quai to help them feel more comfortable during their menstrual period.

Chinese Medicinal Herbs: The Cinnamon

Many of us think of cinnamon as a cooking ingredient. However, cinnamon has other usages other than making our cooking taste better. The cinnamon, also known as gui zhi to the Chinese, is well known for its ability to reduce allergic reaction. For many centuries, people use this Chinese medicinal herb to curve allergic reactions to insect bites, certain types of food and others. At present, many pharmaceutical companies still use the gui zhi as one of the ingredients for anti allergy drugs.