Benefits To Having An Indoor Herb Garden

If you love gardening but hate it when you have to stop for the winter, you may want to consider trying an indoor garden. This is best for small things like herbs. You could easily create a small indoor herb garden for your windowsill or a small chia herb garden to place on your counter. Here are some benefits to having your own indoor herb garden.

Indoor Herb Garden – Less Stress!

Many people claim that gardening is a stress relieving tool. The same can be said of an indoor herb garden. Tending and looking at your garden can help to relieve the stress that daily life causes. This is often because the different scents and aromas associated with these herbs can act as calming agents. If you have an indoor herb garden, you can surround yourself with these stress relieving elements as often as you feel necessary. In a day and age where stress is as common as grass, it can be nice to have something to help calm your nerves!

Indoor Herb Garden – Helping Others

When you grow your own herbs, chances are you will grow more than you need. An indoor herb garden can make it so that you can help others have fresh herbs, too! If you come to the next party you are invited to with a basket full of fresh herbs as a hostess gift, you will be the most popular person there! In addition, you can dry fresh herbs and put them in nice jars for Christmas gifts or gifts for any occasion. Your family, neighbors, and friends will be grateful for all of the fresh herbs that you give them year round if you keep an indoor herb garden!

Indoor Herb Garden Variety

If you keep your own herb garden inside for the winter, you will be able to have whatever variety of herbs you desire. Most people do not know that, for example, there are thirty different types of basil! Your local grocery store will most likely only have one kind of basil; the most common, sweet basil. However, there are plenty of other types of basil that you can easily grow in a small indoor garden, like Italian basil, glob basil, anise basil, and cinnamon basil. Chances are you will not be able to find these varieties in your local grocery store or market! When you grow your own, you can have a wide variety and try herbs that you might otherwise never have been able to try.