The advantages of properly pruning lavender plants

Garden lovers know that pruning lavender plants has good value. When plants are pruned, the lavender plants thrive well and become more beautiful. In fact, the lavender plant is known for being hardy and can thrive even in humid climates. The habit of pruning lavender plants while they are still young would be a very good approach in producing very lush lavender plants. Pruning lavender plants at an early stage promotes the start of new growth and prevent the plant from becoming woody in the center. Usually, plant hobbyists who disregard pruning lavender plants often encounter this situation.

Pruning Lavender Plantsthat are less than a year old

When lavender plants are quite young, the most effective way to prune it would be to pinch any new growth . Then, begin cutting off the flower heads as soon as they are one year old. This seems an odd way to handle young lavender plants but this greatly contributes to the lateral growth of branches. One year after, the flowers and spikes would also grow this way. If you start pruning lavender plants this way, most likely, you only need to perform pruning lavender plants on a yearly basis.

Pruning Lavender plants after one year The best time to prune lavender plants should only be done once a year, after they have flowered in spring or summer. It can also be done during fall but do it before the first frost. Just prune only 1/3 of the new growth since excessive pruning can wilt the plant. keep it easy when pruning lavender plants by not cutting too much down to the stems so the plants would survive.

Pruning lavender plants that are old

When your lavender plants are three years old,pruning method is rather different particularly if the plant has never been subjected to pruning before. While it is true that one should be careful when pruning young plants, extra care is required to handle older plants particularly if the woody growth is quite abundant. First, pruning old lavender plants should onle be made during summertime so the plants can still grow. Also, pruning should be done only once in a year. The only way to prune older lavender plants is by pruning new growth until the woody areas but not cutting them altogether. If this is done well, expect your plants to grow well.