Ideal sources when you have to buy Lavender plants for sale

If you are part of the majority of plant growers who admire lavender plants, then this article would point you to likely sources where you can buy lavender plants for sale. Primarily, plant growers like lavender plants for sale because these plants are very hardy and needs just little maintenance. Also, they are typically used in rock gardens since they need less watering as compared to other plants. At this time of the year, lavender plants for sale are in demand because this the right season to care for them so you can have full bloom in summertime. Check the following recommended outlets where you can buy lavender plants for sale:

Eureka Online Nursery An online nursery that can serve Australian residents.Eureka Nursery is a small wholesale nursery, located in South East Queensland on the south side of Brisbane. Unlike most mail order and online nurseries offering an enormous stocklist. The store are not simply resellers, but authentic growers. They also keep a large range of clean, healthy, bench grownlandscape plants.The store can offer such plants at high quality and low price, to retailers, landscapers and, direct to the public at very competitive prices. Aside from lavender plants, the store also raises short stem potted Gerberas.Minimal cost delivery can be made to some areas of Brisbane but they do deliver to other parts of Australia.

Tumalo Lavender offers a variety of lavender plants for sale that can successfully grow in the Northwest and especially in Zone 5. Lavender propagation happens during fall and spring. The store is has a physical nursery in Oregon. Most of their plants are propagated on their farm on soft or semi-hardwood cuttings chosen from their own Mother stock. They have 4″ and gallon finished plants. The store also carry larger sizes on special order and availability. Special orders for large quantity 4″ plants should be made during September/October before receiving the order in late spring.There are also wholesale plants for sale.


An online nursery that stores different varieties of lavender plants for sale. Their web page provides an update on current plants in stock and provide useful suggestions to customers. They also sell seeds and other garden supplies. The shop is physically located in UK.