How to distinguis different kinds of hardy lavender plants

There are three major types of hardy lavender plants which can thrive well in any type of soil. Hardy lavender plants are well-known worldwide because they can be used for herbal or cosmetic purposes. Usually, hardy lavender plants have sweet smelling flowers that can be air-dried in a dark room. After it has been dried, the plants can be hanged at well-ventilated areas of the house so their scent can diffuse in the air. Oil extract from hardy lavender plants are very beneficial for aromatherapy since they can be relaxing and induce sleep. Some species of lavender have culinary value, it can be used by by adding a dash of dried flowers to chocolate cake or even sorbets.

English Lavender Among the lavender plants, this is the most well-liked lavender grown by plant lovers. Typically, the blooms of this plant have a medium purple color. This plant is also classified as a sturdy perennial plant that grows up to three feet. English lavender is also an ideal choice for culinary use among the different types of hardylavender plants. In addition to, among the types of hardy lavender plants, this variety is pleasing because of its sweet-smell.

French Lavender

This type of hardy lavender plants is characterized by a pale lavender color. Many plant growers are aware of the fact that the use of French lavender is limited to decorative purpose because this plant is not as sweet-smelling as the English lavender. As compared to the English lavender, they reach a height of three feet but with serrated leaves. The scent of French lavender is similar to rosemary which is why it is typically used in cooking.Spanish Lavender Spanish lavender are unlike from the English and French lavender since they have distinct features. First of all, their petals grow upright and shaped like a pie-cone. Their color shows a certain deep purple and reach a height of about two feet. This variety of hardy lavender plants can be seen in dry climates like in North Africa and Mediterranean. They add life and beauty to any garden especially when paired with bright flowers. Spanish lavender improve the over-look of gardens. In fact, bees are very fond of this plant. Pruning this plant can contribute to producing sweet smelling flowers. Among the types of hardy lavender plants, this one really needs a lot sunlight.