Enhance the flavor of your baked products with munstead lavender plants

How the plant was named Munstead lavender plants is an interesting story. Essentially, this lavender plant variety was named after the garden of a famous garden designer.

Gertrude Jeckly was the garden designer and her home is located in Munstead Woods in Surrey, England. The Munstead Wood garden is considered as one of the loveliest gardens in England. The former owner used to think that her 15 acre garden is rather small which actually employed 14 gardeners. In comparison with other lavender plant varieties, munstead lavender plants is more resilient and heat resistant.

Munstead lavender plants are classified under the family Lamiacea and considered as perennials or subshrubs.The scientific name of the plant is Lavandula angustifolia.

Remarkably, this plant variety requires minimal maintenance since it needs very little watering. It reaches a height of one and a half feet in height and around two feet in width. Munstead lavender is shorter when compared to other plant varieties. Its flowers are considered sweet smelling and long lasting. Usually, the flowers are colored blue or purple. The flowers bloom during late spring to late summer. The leaves are colored green. The most suitable soil condition for munstead lavender plants is either sandy soil or clay loam. Planting munstead lavender plants in a sunny part of the garden makes it very healthy. The plant should be shielded from harsh winter conditions that makes the roots damp causing too much rotting. This plant must be placed near rocks or fences to shield it from strong winds. Rabbits and deer love eating munstead lavender plants so build a fence around it especially if your garden is on an open space or near the woods.

For cooking purposes, munstead lavender plants are important because of their full sweet flavor that ideally complements sweets. If you are fond of baking, get a tablespoon of finely chopped lavender flowers and add them to your favorite butter cookie recipe. It can also be included in a pound cake or white cake recipe. The munstead lavender plants flowers is also great for butter or cream cheese recipes. The secret is choosing only the newly opened flowers and consume only the petals. Remove the flowers from the brown or green caps since these are not edible. The picked flowers can be either dried or fresh frozen for use anytime.