An introduction to growing lavender plants

Since lavender plants are one of the most popular plant varieties, you can also try growing lavender plants and see how they can enhance the appearance of your garden.

Truth is, growing lavender plants is not really that complicated as long as the soil is sandy and the weather is sunny. Like most garden plants, growing lavender plants can only be done well based on the variety you want to grow as well as the growing conditions. Usually, lavender plants are resilient and can adjust to different conditions which is useful even for rock gardens. Here are some valuable tips for growing lavender plants: First, lavender plants love to soak in the sun.Truth is, some types of lavender plants are grown in dry climates such as Africa and Mediterranean. Although lavender plants can be cold-resistant, they cannot thrive well under very damp conditions. It is the wetness that eventually kills them in the long haul. Roots can get very damp during winter months or during high humidity in summer. It is then very important to have some air flow between the plants or consider putting the plants in a sunny area before planting them. When it comes to hardiness, lavender plants can survive even in periods of drought which makes them very good for rock gardens. For this reason, it is important to drain soils when planting lavender. Another important factor when growing lavender plants is that they have to be planted with enough space in between them. The space in between allows them to reach their maximum growth potential.

Pruning is another critical factor when growing lavender plants. Lavender, as much as possoble ,should be pruned during summertime especially after they have reached a year old.

If the value of pruning is overlooked, growth of woody branches in the middle may become a problem. Take extra care when pruning old lavender plants since they are very sensitive. If you want to do pruning during fall, make sure you do it before the first frost appears. Try also to shield the plant from too much wind by planting it near a rock or fence. Indeed, growing lavender plants can be fulfilling but a plant owner must know how to properly care for it.