An introduction to different types of Lavender Plants

Lavender plants are classified to a species of flowering plants that belongs to the mint family Lamiaceae. It has been known as an Old World genus that can be said to have originated from Asia. It is widely distributed to several parts of the world where it is accepted as a medicinal plant that can be useful for aromatherapy. Also, lavender plants shows in many forms such as annuals, herbaceous plants, sub-shrubs and small shrubs. Usually, lavender plants are grown in gardens but they can also be grown in other soils since it’s a sturdy plant. These plants can quickly cross-pollinate which is why there are many varieties. The flowers of this plant has a lavender color that is why it is popularly called Lavender. Here are several types of lavender plants that you can grow in your garden:

English Lavender Among the lavender plants, this is the most widely recognized lavender grown by plant lovers. The flowers of this plant have a medium purple color. This plant is well known for being a hardy plant that is perennial; also, it reaches a height of three feet. English lavender is a favorite ingredient in recipes by cooks which sets it apart from other types of lavender plants. Likewise, among the types of lavender plants this variety is well liked for its strong fragrance.

French Lavender This kind of lavender has a pale lavender color. The most typical use of French lavender is usually confined to decorative purpose since this plant is not as good smelling as the English lavender. Like the English lavender, they reach a height of three feet but with serrated leaves.

Spanish Lavender

Spanish lavender are different from the English and French lavender since they have distinct features. First of all, their petals grow upright and shaped like a pie-cone. Their color have a distinct deep purple and grow up to only about two feet. This variety can be grown in humid climates like in North Africa and Mediterranean. They can beautify any garden especially when paired with bright flowers. Spanish lavender add elegance to gardens.Bees are very fond of this plant variety.

In fact, there are several types of lavender plants grown in some parts of the world aside from these traditional varites; however, gardeners love lavender because they’re simply beautiful.