A useful guide when you need to buy lavender plants online

For many years, plant lovers and gardeners travel to different gardens just to look at plant varieties that they want to take care of. Hopping from one location to another, buying plants is indeed a rigorous process. One must also realize the fact of hauling some of the plants and getting your vehicle very messy in such process. Nowadays,technology has drastically changed all of that due to online commerce. There are many garden stores where you can buy lavender plants while surfing in the comforts of your living room. When you buy lavender plants online, you are presented with a wide selection of possible choices from different suppliers and nurserymen. Actually, there are more choices when browsing online than going to one nursery to another. Take note also of the fact that some nurseries are not fully stocked or even run out of stock of certain plants. In comparison with buying lavender plants online, you are guranteed that time and effort would not be wasted. In addition to,the online sites already declares the plants that they have in stock for the season. But the most wonderful part when you buy lavender plants online is the fact that they can be delivered right to your doorstep. Aside from all of these features, many companies offer a plant guarantee so your purchase is safe. Browse the following tips on where you can buy lavender plants online so shopping is hassle-free.

1) Halcyonplants. An online nursery that keeps a complete inventory of lavender plants. They provide an update on current plants in season and give valuable suggestions to customers. They also sell seeds and other garden supplies.The shop is physically located in UK.
2) Gurney’s Seeds and Nursery Presently, they are offering $20 discount to large orders. They can also ship to the US with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii.

3) Richters Herbs- Offers a variety of seeds, herbs and ornamental plants that can be hard to source from ordinary nurseries. It’s also possible for them to ship live plants to Canada and the US. As for international customers, only seeds, books and other supplies are available for shipping.

4) Spring Hill Nursery Offers discounts on any purchases made for more than $50- Great selection of plants for your garden.

Indeed, when you buy lavender plants online, you have convenient shopping and lower prices.