What Your Grandmother Knows About Common Medicinal Herbs

Many of us are skeptical about the power of common medicinal herbs to cure certain types of ailments. Most of us turn our noses up when our grandmothers tell us to drink some medicinal herbs concoctions thinking that drinking these things is just a waste of time. Unfortunately, the more we resist the idea of using common medicinal herbs for certain types of diseases, the more we are at risk of getting poisoned by different pharmaceutical products that are sold in the market today. Studies show that our present generation is overly medicated and that people tend to just go to the drug store and buy some pills when they do not feel well. The more we swallow colorful pills to relieve different symptoms, the more we are at risk of over medication. To reduce the possibility of drug overdose, we need to good back to the basic things and learn from our grandmothers the important uses of common medicinal herbs.

Getting To Know Common Medicinal Herbs

There are herbs that heal and there are herbs that are poisonous. You need to know which types of herbs are good for you and which types of herbs can cause you more harm than good. Some of the most common medicinal herbs that have been used for many generations are aloe vera, ginger, gingko, oregano, rosemary, sage, St. John’s wort, tea and ginseng. Most of these herbs are used for cooking. Oregano for instance is used as additives on pizza and spaghetti while ginger is a popular ingredient for soup. Oregano and ginger are very useful when it comes to relieving upset stomach. Both of these common medicinal herbs aid in proper digestion.

While oregano and ginger can help your tummy feel better, rosemary and sage can also do wonders for your health. Rosemary and sage are also popular in the kitchen. Rosemary does not just make your food smell really delicious, it also helps relieve menstrual cramps for women, fight certain types of cancer and aid in digestion. If you have been using rosemary in your cooking, do not stop using this dried medicinal herb.

On the other hand, tea is good for your afternoon or morning refreshment. A lot of people all over the world drink tea without really knowing its medicinal value that is still okay. Even if these people do not realized that tea is one of the common medicinal herbs which has been used for many generations to cure stomach upset, ward off heart disease and prevent some types of cancers, the fact that they are drinking tea is already a big bonus.