What Is A Chia Herb Garden?

A chia herb garden is actually a kit that is usually sold at stores. These kits contain a chia sponge, seeds, terracotta pots and other supplies that can help the owner with the growth and cultivation of the herb. There are no specific herbs that are called chia herbs. The herbs that come with the chia herb garden are usually those of the culinary variety although there are also some that are of the medicinal variety. This distinction actually may be difficult since some herbs can be for cooking and medicinal purposes at the same time.

Growing Your Chia Herb Garden

The best way to grow a chia herb garden is to follow the instructions that come with the kit. There are some ways to trouble shoot growing a chia herb garden. One thing that is reiterated when growing a chia herb garden is to keep the chia sponges moist all the time. This does not mean wet and soggy but just damp enough to promote the growth of the seeds. These sponges are where the seeds of whatever plant are placed in them. The sponges in the chia herb garden are sometimes made of tree bark which is why there may be some whitish colored growth on the seeds just before they start to germinate.

One tip to have a successful chia herb garden is to keep the immediate environment of the terracotta pots humid. One can do this by covering the top part of the pot with a plastic wrap or bag. This creates a humid atmosphere within the pot or chia herb garden container. Some condensation should be evident a few hours after the plastic bag has been wrapped or placed around the pot or pots of the chia herb garden. The humid atmosphere may be preferable growing conditions for some seeds.

Once the seeds have sprouted, it is advisable to expose the growth to sunlight as much as possible although, sunlight between ten in the morning to two in the afternoon may be too strong for some seedlings to bear. Watering should be spaced when the sponge the seedlings are growing from dries a little. This should put watering of the culinary herb garden around two or three times a day.

The seedlings grown in chia herb garden pot or container can be transplanted into larger individual pots or a plotted garden around a week or two of growth. A single garden should yield a lot of seedlings from which one can choose the healthiest plants to cultivate.