Tips And Suggestions For Storing Fresh Herbs

Herbs are used for many different purposes. Many are used for cooking and many more are used for medicinal purposes. Many gardeners who like to cultivate herbs often like storing fresh herbs for their use or for giving to friends and relatives. There are several ways of storing fresh herbs that can be easy and still be able to maintain the herbs flavor and effect. In spite of the fact that storing fresh herbs can retain their flavor, cooking with fresh herbs is still the best idea for using herbs.

Long Term Tips For Storing Fresh Herbs

If you like storing fresh herbs for a year’s use, these tips for storing herbs long term are best for you. Right after plucking the fresh herbs from the garden, rinse them and lay them out on a paper napkin to absorb excess water. The need to eliminate the excess water stems from the fact that water can accelerate spoiling of the herbs since it can contain bacteria. When the herbs are relatively dry, you can wrap them with a new paper towel and place them in a plastic zip bag in the crisper or for longer times, in the freezer. Storing fresh herbs this way assures you that there is not much liquid in the plastic to rot the herbs.

Another tip for storing fresh herbs is to separate the leaves from the stem. This will help to isolate them and reduce the possibility of rotting, mold and spoilage. Other herbs such as thyme or rosemary can be hung to dry. This does not damage them in any way to be hung upside down. This may not be a way of storing fresh herbs since this is drying herbs but the flavor is retained and so are the medicinal properties of the herb.

Short Term Tips For Storing Fresh Herbs

You can also store fresh herbs by immersing then in water. Storing fresh herbs this way is not a long term way of doing so. The first thing to do is to take out dead or diseased stems and leaves from the bunch of herbs. Snip of a small portion of the ends that will be immersed in water. Prepare a small container in which to place your bunch of herbs. As you submerge the stems in water, do not include the leaves. Wrap the entire container, including the leaves in plastic wrap and make sure there are no holes.