The Pros And Cons Of Using Natural Healing Herbs

There can be no doubt that there have been many amazing advances in medical technology and health care in the past one hundred years or so. Vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs have all but eradicated several terrible diseases. However these new technologies are not without potential risks. Many prescription medications cause unwanted side effects. What’s more modern medicine does not always treat a patient holistically and the drugs and treatments can be very expensive, especially for an individual who does not have health insurance.

In recent years many people have become disheartened by what modern medicine has to offer. That is why they are turning to alternative medicine and natural healing herbs to make them well again. Natural healing herbs have been used by healers for thousands of years. Ancient healers did not have the technological knowledge that modern medical experts enjoy. Instead they had to rely on the substances in the environment around them and that is why they used natural healing herbs to cure ailments and diseases.

The Advantages Of Using Natural Healing Herbs

Sometimes modern medicine comes up with a new, complicated and expensive drug to cure a certain disease. Often that same disease can be cured simply by using natural healing herbs. Take for example the health problem of elevated cholesterol. There are many pharmaceutical medications that are promoted on television and their purpose is to lower cholesterol. In fact you can lower your own cholesterol though diet and exercise and by using natural herb remedies such as guggulipid, ginger, olive leaf, turmeric and green tea.

Natural healing herbs generally cost a great deal less than prescription medications and modern medical treatments. They are also gentler and less invasive. A patient who puts natural substances into their body in order to heal a health condition is less likely to experience an adverse reaction than they would be if they took a drug containing synthetic chemicals.

The Disadvantages Associated With Natural Healing Herbs

The main disadvantage associated with natural healing herbs is that many people underestimate their potency. Some herbs can exacerbate certain health conditions. For example if you have high blood pressure it would be a mistake to drink licorice root tea. Other herbs can cause unwanted interactions with medications a person may already be taking. Therefore it is important to carefully research any herbs you are considering taking and speak to your health care provider.

Another disadvantage of natural healing herbs is that there are some things they simply cannot cover when it comes to health care. Let’s suppose you fracture your wrist one day. A prudent individual would go straight to the emergency room rather than trying to take care of the problem with natural healing herbs. There definitely is a place for natural healing herbs in modern society. However they are not a replacement for conventional medicine but should be used in conjunction with it.