The Impact Of Herbs In Our Lives

Herbs are plant parts that are commonly used in our lives in the aspect of medicine and in a culinary aspect. The parts of the plants that are usually used for herbal medicine or culinary purposes are the leaves, flowers, stems, bark and sometimes the roots. The uses of the herbs for medicinal purposes are usually in the form of teas, oils, essences and tinctures. There are other forms of use for the herbs like poultices and capsules or tablets.
The amount of herbs in these can be measured in dosages and should be carefully monitored to avoid complications.

Uses Of Herbs

These plant products are more known for their medicinal properties than their culinary ones. There are so many different kinds of herbal medicinal plants from which many different herbs can be used.

Herbs and spices for culinary use are not as plentiful as those used for medicinal proposes. This does not mean that there is less use for these kinds of plant parts in cooking. Garlic is one of the most common herbal medicine and cooking plant part used. It comes in the form of a clove which is a form of root or bulb from which the plant grows. It is used for cooking as it has a strong flavor and fragrance that enhances foods. For an herbal medicinal plant, garlic is supposed to help with a person blood pressure as well as is good as an antiseptic and wound cleaner. Peppers are also herbs that are dually used for medicines and cooking.

Therapy can also benefit from the use of herbs. Therapeutic botanical derivatives can be applied directly unto the affected area for better results. Aromatherapy is also another form of herbal use that may be classified under medicinal but in reality may have a lot to do with lifestyle enhancement. Aromatherapy helps to alleviate the mood and ambience of a person or area. The use of herbs in aromatherapy is for the fragrance to make a person feel relaxed, invigorated or some other feeling. Chamomile and lavender are among the more common herbs that are used for aromatherapy. These herbs can also be used in the cosmetic industry as an additive to cosmetics, perfumes and others.

Having one’s own herb garden at home can help to make things easier if the owner is inclined to use herbal remedies for medication or for cooking. The convenience of having botanicals on hand to assists with either medicines or cooking is unsurpassed.