The Easy Method To Grow Fresh Herbs

So, you’re finally ready to try and see if you’ve got that green thumb, right? And you’re planning to grow your own herbs, but you’re not quite sure where to start, or even if you have enough space to grow fresh herbs in your garden. The good news is – you really don’t need a bunch of space. An area about 4 x 6 ft will work fine for a small family! Separate the area into small in plots. And remember – the soil you grow your fresh herbs in need to have great drainage. Pick a place that gets lots of sun, because great amounts of sun help the herbs produce the best oils, and the oils are what give the herbs their flavor and scent.

Grow Fresh Herbs: Sowing Your Seeds

Most if not all herbs can be grown from seeds.

Grow Fresh Herbs: Pay Attention To Seasons

There are three types of fresh herbs you can grow in a garden. Annual herbs bloom only for one season and then die. Basil, dill, and coriander are examples of those. Biennials herbs grow for two seasons but only bloom the second, and parsley is an example. Lastly, perennial herbs bloom every season once established. Chives, mint, tarragon and fennel are all perennial herbs. It’s a good idea to grow fresh perennial herbs far away you’re your annual herbs.

Grow Fresh Herbs: Windows Work

So, if you live in an apartment – or your backyard just won’t cut it – you can try using your windowsills to grow your fresh herbs on. First, look for the windowsill that gets the most sun, preferably one to the south so it gets 5 hours of good sun a day. Buy a container that is 6-12 inches deep. Fill it with “soil-less” potting mix, 2-3 inches deep, at the bottom of the container. Place your herb of choice into the container, and fill in more potting soul around it, leaving an inch at the top for watering. Feed your herbs once a month with fertilizer, but make sure that they’re labeled okay to use on edibles. If you wish, you can start growing fresh your herbs in containers in winter and transfer the seedlings outside in the spring.

Grow Fresh Herbs: Size Matters

When growing fresh herbs in small containers, make sure you pick ones that don’t get too big – too long or too tall. Good choices are chives, basil, or mint because they don’t get too big. Fluorescent lights can be used instead of the sun as well, but the light must be kept on for about ten hours a day.

Grow Fresh Herbs: Tips And Tricks

There are also a few tips to try out when you’re growing fresh herbs. They don’t like being wet. Some people even believe that moisture makes herbs decay faster. Make sure that you don’t over-water the herbs, whether they’re in the garden or in your window. Also, trim your herbs occasionally, to help encourage them to grow.

Grow Fresh Herbs: Hard Work Pays Off

It may seem tough at first, all the planting and watering, but in the end, you’ll have a garden full of wonderful, healthy fresh herbs – and you managed to grow them all on your own! How many people can really say that these days?