Suggestions For Plants In Your Herb Garden

An herb garden has the convenience of both medical and culinary herbs that the owner or gardener may prefer. One does not actually need to have a large herb garden to be able to feel the benefits of having one. It is more advantageous to have a larger herb garden but a small one or even a potted one can really bring a lot of benefits for the owner.

Grows Well In Any Herb Garden: Calendula

These beautiful flowers are pretty enough to be grown as decorative plants. The fact that they are herbs and have several medicinal purposes is an added bonus. Or is it the other way around? The flowers are the ones used for medicinal purposes. Calendula flowers grow well in any herb garden. These are usually grown from seeds and are quite hardy plants. There are two basic kinds of calendula flowers that one might have growing in the herb garden. Calendula Officinalis and Tagetes. The former is better known for its medicinal properties as Tagetes is much better as an insecticide and a weed killer. Care must be used when growing both kinds of flowers.

An Asset In Your Herb Garden: Chamomile

This herb is also a flowering plant that you can cultivate in an herb garden. The pretty white flowers, which bear a striking resemblance to daisies, are the plant parts used for this herbal medicine. There are several kinds of chamomile flowers but the white ones are the more commonly used. If you have these flowers in your herb garden, you can avail of digestive problems’ relief as well as its anti-inflammatory properties. This flowering herb is an asset in your herb garden. It also grows well, with care, in an indoor herb garden.

Plant That Can Grace An Herb Garden : Lavender

Growing a lavender plant in your herb garden can be very satisfying. Not only does this flowering plant bring beauty and butterflies to the herb garden but it also has some medicinal properties. This herb can be used in cooking or baking as well. Its medicinal properties include having antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. The most well known property that this flower has lay in its fragrance. This herb can soothe, relax and calm a person and even induce drowsiness if the person is in a relaxed state already.

These herbs are all flowering plants that can grace an herb garden and still have potential for use. Many people grow these herbs as decorative plants and avail of their uses once in a while.