Laxative Herb Tea Called Senna Is Great For You

When it comes to choosing a good laxative herb tea makes sure to check out Senna that is an herb that is natural and which makes for an excellent laxative. Senna leaves as well as pods are rich with compounds commonly known as anthraquinones that are very strong laxatives. These anthraquinones can be stimulating as well and they work by acting on the lining of a person’s intestinal tract (lower) which aggravates this lining causing it to contract and therefore forces a person to want to eliminate stool.

Laxative Herb Tea: Anthraquinones Make For Softer Stool

Laxative herb tea that contains anthraquinones will be able to also help in passing soft stool though these laxative herb teas will generally only be able to provide results after between six and twelve hours of consumption. However, Senna is a laxative herb tea that must not be consumed for more than seven days on the trot unless your doctor recommends doing so.

Overuse of the laxative herb tea can lead to feeling very lazy and will also result in lazy bowel syndrome that results in the body forgetting how to properly create bowel movements without getting its supply of a laxative herb tea. Also, taking a laxative herb tea when you suffer from hemorrhoids or disease of the blood vessels is not recommended and there are certain other conditions that preclude using this tea; so, be sure to check with your doctor prior to use.

Sometimes, the taste of a laxative herb tea can be very unpleasant as well as bitter and it can lead to unpleasant consequences including cramping up of the stomach which can cause you a lot of pain. Therefore, to be safe it makes sense to mix the laxative herb tea with some peppermint or licorice and then you can at least overcome the bitter taste.

Combining a laxative herb tea with mint or even licorice can do more than solve the problem of bitter taste since it also helps in relaxing the intestines and it reduces the effect of cramping and also ensures that the laxative herb tea is not so intolerable.

If you are looking for a good fruit herb tea then you should check out America’s own native plant – the bergamot that is an excellent option. The bergamot has now begun to be used in different parts of the world in the form of Bee Balm or Oswego Tea. Bergamot is closely related to mints and it provides a citrus or lemony flavor as well as smell.