Feel More Regular With Laxative Herb Teas

When you can’t go to the bathroom, such as when you feel constipated, you don’t feel your best. You feel full and bloated, your system feels as though it’s slowed down, many of us feel as though we’re in a bad mood and often times we’d give anything to go to the bathroom. What do you do when this happens? Well, you can go to the store and get some laxative medicine but who wants to take pills or syrups that we really have no idea when or how they work? Instead, pick up some laxative herb tea. Laxative herb tea tastes great, you can drink it whenever you need to and it will work almost immediately. You can find laxative herb teas that taste great, such as fruit herb teas, and they’re much more pleasant than buying medicines from your local drug stores.

How They Work

Laxative herb teas not only have herbs that naturally stimulate the system, but they also include caffeine which acts as a diuretic on the system. Just like drinking coffee can often make you have to use the bathroom, these laxative herb teas have the herbs and the caffeine and are thus doubly effective. They will get your system working again and you’ll feel it almost immediately.

When To Drink Them

It’s recommended that you drink laxative herb tea whenever it’s convenient for you. Some people choose to drink their teas early in the morning right after waking up. That way, you can vacate early, before you have to get ready for work or for your day. Some people choose to drink them at night because that’s when they often feel as though they are more bloated. However, if you’re going to drink them at night, be careful as they do contain caffeine and you may have trouble sleeping. You can choose to drink them whenever it’s more convenient for you.

How Long To Work

Laxative herb teas take longer for some people and only a few minutes for others. You should try out the teas first to see how your body reacts to them so that you’re not caught in a situation you can’t get out of. For example, you probably wouldn’t want to drink the laxative herb tea right before you have an important meeting such as a job interview. Play around with the teas to find out how they work on your system and you’ll be able to make them work for you more efficiently.