Chamomile Herb Tea: Enjoy Its Soothing And Calming Properties

Chamomile is a relative of the daisy and is indigenous to several parts of Europe as too to Western Asia. Chamomile herb tea enjoys an enviable reputation for providing numerous benefits to the human body. It is interesting to note just what properties chamomile herb tea has that can help to make a noticeable difference in how we feel after its consumption and also how and why it enables us to sleep better.

Chamomile Herb Tea: An After Dinner Beverage

Properly prepared, chamomile herb tea can prove to be especially beneficial for an after dinner beverage and even when consumed prior to going to sleep at night it can provide a number of benefits. In fact, chamomile herb tea is well known for being soothing and calming as well as relaxing and it can aid in improving the digestive system and it also provides relief from colds, coughs as well as helps treat less than healthy skin and it is often used as a tonic to improve the liver.

There is a simple chamomile herb tea recipe that is worth learning more about. This recipe is simple and only requires using two tablespoons of freshly cut chamomile flowers and two cups of boiled water as well as two thin slices of apple. And to this you can add some honey to get the required level of sweetness.

With these ingredients in hand, you can then start putting your chamomile herb tea recipe to practice by rinsing the flowers in cool water after which you can boil sufficient water in a pot and then add to that the apple slices which need to then be mashed. This is followed by adding the chamomile flowers and to that you can then add another two cups of hot and boiled water.

Now, you can leave this mixture in a covered pot and allow it to steep for between three and five minutes. This should allow you to pour two cups of tasty chamomile herb tea to which some honey can be added for sweetening the tea.

This well prepared chamomile herb tea should provide relief from common colds and of course it makes for a very delicious beverage and the flavor from the apples is especially pleasing. In fact, besides drinking chamomile herb tea you should also try out some of the various organic herbal teas that are available on the market today. These too help you unwind and relax and can help you really feel wonderful and rejuvenated after an especially hard day at the office. In many ways, chamomile herb tea and the organic versions is the ideal tonic to help you face the challenges of a busy lifestyle.