Buying Chinese Herbs Online

With the increasing interest in medicinal herbs of all kinds, many Internet sites are springing up to take advantage of consumer demand. You can buy Chinese herbs online and do so safely, as long as you keep in mind some basic cautions. First of all, you should not discontinue or begin any type of medication without speaking with your physician or other trusted medical advisor. Second, since herbal remedies are usually marketed as “dietary supplements,” be aware that they are not subject to the same regulation and testing as over-the-counter or prescribed medications overseen by the Food and Drug Administration. This means that potency and purity can vary widely among manufacturers, and also that foreign substances may be present, to a greater or lesser degree, in your herbal mixture. If you notice any ill effects, discontinue use immediately and do not resume until you can verify that no harmful substances are present and that no adverse interactions are possible with other medications you may be taking.

Finding Online Sources for Chinese Herbs

A quick Internet search for “Chinese herbs” reveals a host of web sites advertising herbal supplements for everything from weight loss to menopause. Many of these formulations are based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which includes herbal remedies, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, and other subdisciplines and techniques. Some of these herbal formulations have been in use for hundreds of years. Many of the online sites that offer Chinese herbs also promote other TCM techniques, such as those mentioned above, along with links to provide further information. Most sites, such as and also feature secure online ordering, shopping carts, and shipping, for a more convenient online shopping experience.

TCM, Balance, Chinese Herbs Online and Health

Traditional Chinese medicine views health as the state occurring when the body is in proper balance. This means that herbal remedies, like other TCM techniques, are approached with a view to restoring balance, rather than treating a particular condition or organ, as is more typical in Western medicine. For this reason, Chinese herbal remedies available online are most often found in combinations intended to promote imbalances typically found in people with certain conditions. Thus, all weight loss formulations may not be made up of the same components, depending on the reason for the weight gain. Similarly, in the TCM view, headaches can be caused by a number of different types of imbalances, so the herbal remedy would change, depending on the reason for the imbalance.